Friday, 3 February 2017

A poem for the weekend...

January Blues

Roll out the ending of an old year; roll in the beginning of a new year.
Expectations for January are high, in the right direction we hope to steer.
Sometimes after the festive season a lot of people have, January blues.
They maybe broke, overweight or just tired of hearing bad, negative news.
January can be a good time for some and for couples looking to start a new life.
 Family’s get reunited in January, some split up they can’t handle trouble and strife.
Professional sports people and teams, in January they plan to set their hopes high.
People get January blues from the dark evening’s cold, rain, snow and dull grey sky.
Some want to quit alcohol, drugs and smoking looking for a recovery solution.
Being aware of the affect these can have on a person’s life it’s a good new year’s resolution.
 This is the time of year where decisions are made you can’t really pick and choose.
So plan ahead with your hopes and dreams and always be aware of those January blues.

Patrick Clifford©2017
Gateway Creative Writer

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