Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Not everyone is full of the joy of the season, Christmas can a lonely time

Its ok not to feel ok, even at Christmas!
Not everyone is full of the joy of the season, Christmas can a lonely time.

Lets look out for each other - It is OK not to feel OK!!! If you or anyone you know may be struggling at this time please reach out Listen to or talk to someone. It will really help!!

If you don't have anyone to reach out to 1 Life on 1800 247 100 and the Samaritans 1850 60 90 90 are there to listen 24/7. It is good to talk.

Wishing you all a safe Christmas.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wellness Workshops online

Suicide or Survive have launched their Wellness Workshop online. It is a lovely resource and it might be a nice thing to do over Christmas, think of it as a gift to yourself. You can find the wellness workshop here.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

January Taking Control Workshops at Gateway

The ‘Taking Control’ Workshop is about practical ways to face life challenges, maintaining and taking control of your physical and mental wellbeing.  Workshops are free and will be facilitated by SHINE in Gateway on Monday 26th or Thursday 29th (let us know which date suits you).

The Aims of the Taking Control Workshop are:

  • To build resilience in the face of life challenges and setbacks.
  • To enhance coping skills, especially pre existing ones.
  • To build and support self esteem and confidence.

After participating, people will:

  • Be aware of positive factors in their lives.
  • List positive skills and knowledge they bring forward with them.
  • Recognise the physical, mental and emotional effect of stressors.
  • Have action plans to safeguard against these stressors.
  • Be aware of opportunities and avenues open to them.
  • Know professional supports available to them.
  • Have set goals and have created an action plan around these.

The workshop is divided into 4 modules:
Module 1.        Self Esteem and Positivity.
Module 2.        My Coping Skills.
Module 3.        Changing the Weather in my Head. Signposting my Supports and Paths to my New Life.
Module 4.        Being Resilient. Taking Control.

How to participate
Workshops take place over a couple of hours and are free.  Dates for the workshops at Gateway are Monday 26th or Thursday 29th January 2015 - let us know which date suits you best - times will be confirmed in January. If interested please contact a project worker in drop in or Fionn on 01-4965558 or email fionn@rpcp.ie. 
Thank you.

SHINE - Supporting People Affected By Mental Ill Health” has developed this programme. See their website for more information about recovery and wellbeing education courses.  They also have a new app for smartphones supporting this programme - find out more here:  http://shineonline.ie/index.php/news/346 

Gateway Meet Ups over Christmas and the New Year

Gateway's Christmas Party is on tomorrow from 1-5pm during our last drop in for 2014.  Join us if you can.  Gateway will close after the party and reopen on the 8th January 2015.

Gateway members will be meeting up socially around Rathmines over the holidays while the drop in is closed.  Below are the dates, times and locations so you can meet people for a chat before drop in reopens on Thursday 8th January.

For anyone interested in online peer support with live chats and online peer support groups check out www.turn2me.org and remember that the Samaritans offer a 24 hour free support phone service over the holidays, freephone: 116 123.  SOS will be running new wellness workshops in January, check them out here: SOS Wellness Workshops and remember the little things make a big difference.

Best wishes and solidarity over the holidays ~ Gateway Project

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Alternative Christmas Carols

If you are around town this coming Sunday (the 14th of December), or the following Sunday (the 21st of December), you can catch Linda C (one of our long-standing members) singing carols at the Merchant's arch in Temple Bar, from 1:30 till 3:30.

Linda is a passionate defender of animal rights and has written her own words on this theme to go with well-known Christmas carols. It's well worth checking out her amazing talent!

Seán's Story

Seán is one of our members and we included a shortened version of this story in our recent (November 2014) Newsletter. 

My name is Seán. I was born into an Irish family in New Zealand. We lived on a farm where we worked long hours milking cows every morning and night. For this I got very little credit and no respect. In fact I was often told I was lazy. My people would make up rules and regulations and after I would follow them, they would change them to suit themselves. This made me angry sometimes and left me with very low self-esteem.

At the end of November 1999 my life got very dysfunctional. I had moved to New Orleans. I had a job but couldn’t find myself a place to stay. I seemed to be always getting into controversies with people. Also at work I would get involved in things that were none of my business. Even my girlfriend asked me if I was on drugs.

For a week I ended up sleeping in the back of a van on the street. Then I was in a homeless shelter which was much better. On the Saturday morning I moved into a place called the Abstract Café. It was run by a High Court Judge. He ran it for alcoholics and drug addicts. He asked me if I was an alcoholic. I said I didn’t think so. He then asked me ten questions about alcohol addiction and I said yes to every one of them.

For the first week I had to stay in the tank. I was only allowed to go out to work. It was alright during the day time, but around nine o’clock at night, I would get the shakes and the sweats. Then I would start seeing staff that were not there and then came the cravings for alcohol. It was so bad I thought that if I didn’t get any drink I would die. The door was locked at nine o’clock every night so people could not go out drinking. The sad part about this is I would have gone and drank if they had let me out. I believed it wasn’t really drinking if I didn’t drink on Friday or Saturday nights but went for one or two pints during the week. I thought “I only drink beer, how could I be an alcoholic?”. I didn’t drink spirits or methylated spirits like alcoholics do.

After a couple of attempts to give up drinking, it was seven months later before I finally accepted I was an alcoholic. The first three weeks after I stopped drinking were the hardest, but the more I stayed off it, the easier it got. Also I gave myself a big pay rise -  I seemed to have plenty of money for everything. As the months passed, the bad days were better than the good days I’d had the month before. I started to go to AA meetings. At first I thought that I wasn’t as bad as these people but the more I went to the meetings, the more I realised that I had a disease. In the AA meetings I heard the truth about this disease, and that I’m not the only one who has it. A lot of people helped me, help that I needed but didn’t think I deserved. One thing is that none of us deserves this disease.

I am fourteen and a half years off the drink now. I don’t get hallucinations, the shakes or blackouts. I don’t feel isolated or feel sorry for myself.The AA meetings are a big help. I am better able to take on responsibility. The AA meetings have encouraged me to take on additional responsibilities which I wouldn’t have felt confident in doing before like taking notes at the meetings. I now have confidence in myself to do things. Instead of doing nothing except complaining and expecting someone else to solve my problems.

I am more the person I always wanted to be, i.e. a human being who is capable of taking things as they come. I now try to help others in a better way. I first ask people what they need and want and then I see what I can do. I don’t try to impose solutions as I would have done in the past.

I see more room for improvements but I now realise how far I have come. I feel good now and able to cope. I feel I am able to deal with life on life’s terms. I don’t feel I have to be the centre of attention or a hero. I can just be me.


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

December 2014 Newsletter ~ Last Newsletter Of 2014 - Enjoy :)

December's Christmas Events At Gateway

Hi everyone,

We have some more great events and activities lined up for you this festive season. Firstly, to help you recover from all the Xmas exertions we have 'Relaxation and Meditation' every Monday 4-5pm.

Then on Wednesday's at 1pm you can join us for the 'Members' informal meet up @ Cafe Moda Rathmines'. Our popular, friendly and open 'Drop-in' service is still available at the usual time Mondays & Thursdays 1-5pm. For everyone who wants to express their creative talents, there are the 'Arts & Crafts' classes on Thursday 4th & 11th.

Finally, it wouldn't be Christmas without a party so clear you schedule, get your Xmas jumpers on and join us for the best party of the year on Thursday 18th December.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

The Gateway Team

December 2014 by Gateway Project

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

Hello folks,

Here is a list of some great upcoming (public) seasonal events for you to enjoy!

Have fun :)

Friday, 21st November

Come Singalong & Dance With Us - Featuring entertainment from The Riverside Singers and Live & Exclusive. Organised by the Iris Charles Centre
The Iris Charles Centre,
Newbridge Avenue,
Sunday, 23rd November
Walk Of Light 2014 - An inter church journey finishing at the Dublin Korean Church on Leeson park
Meet at St. Mary’s Church, Haddington Road
Sunday, 23rd November

Terenure Village Market
Craft & Food Fair
Forecourt of Caffrey Motors, Terenure Village
Wednesday, 26th November

The Rose Festival - Finale to the Community Development’s Friends of Green Spaces Project 2014 with 1,000 rose bushes (150 varieties!) on offer at only €3 each.  Limited to 2 plants per person.
The Carmelite Centre,
Aungier Street
Thursday, 27th November

The Rose Festival - Finale to the Community Development’s Friends of Green Spaces Project 2014 with 1,000 rose bushes (150 varieties!) on offer at only €3 each.  Note: Limited to 2 plants per person.  Event to last only while stocks last!
The Carmelite Centre,
Aungier Street
Friday, 28th November
Donnybrook Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony - Featuring a wide variety of family entertainment
Car park opposite Kielys Pub, Donnybrook
Saturday, 29th November
Harold’s Cross Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony - Featuring a wide variety of family entertainment
Harold’s Cross Park,
Harold’s Cross
Tuesday, 2nd December
Rathmines Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony - Featuring a wide variety of family entertainment
Rathmines Square (in front of Swan Leisure),
Wednesday, 3rd December
Verschoyle Court Art Exhibition - Launch of an exhibition of community based art work produced by local senior citizen’s group
Verschoyle Court Community Room,  Verschoyle Court Senior Citizen’s Complex,
Off Lower Mount Street
Thursday, 4th December
Rathgar Village Christmas Event - Organised by Rathgar Traders featuring entertainment on the street
Rathgar Village,
Friday, 5th December
Terenure Tea Dance - Live music from the band, Past Times with light  refreshments available
The Evergreen Centre,
Friday, 5th December
Sandymount Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony - Featuring a wide variety of entertainment
Sandymount Green,
Saturday, 6th December
Ranelagh Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony - Featuring a wide variety of entertainment
Ranelagh Triangle
Sunday, 7th December
Terenure Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony - Featuring a wide variety of entertainment for the family
Car Park,
Terenure Village
Sunday, 7th December
Terenure After Market Christmas Party – Featuring the Swing Kings 22 piece band
Evergreen Centre,

Thursday, 27 November 2014

‘We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about suicide – it’s the only way to understand it’ says article advertising public talk tonight in The Journal.ie

Today in The Journal:

‘We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about suicide – it’s the only way to understand it’

A talk is taking place in Dublin tonight on ‘Understanding the Suicidal Mind’.

SUICIDE IS A preventable cause of death, says clinical psychologist Dr Eoin Galavan, who is holding a seminar today on “Understanding the Suicidal Mind”.
Speaking to TheJournal.ie, Dr Galavan said there are certain things that can prevent suicide, stating that intervening in someone’s path to a lethal attempt is possible, but that people need to start talking about the issue first.

The talk, which takes place tonight at 7pm in the Davenport Hotel in Dublin, will look at what happens in the suicidal mind and how people can understand the psychology behind it.
Suicidal behaviour

Dr Galavan said he will be putting forward the theory that suicide and suicidal behaviour are understandable. He said that intervening on someone’s journey to suicide can prevent it. Why? Because, people have time to think, he said.

He said that people are very capable of secrecy and privacy when it comes to suicide, which is why so many people say after a suicide that they had no idea, there were no tell-tell signs, and they had no idea the person was contemplating suicide.

“It comes as a shock as people don’t see the journey that person has made privately,” he said.
Dr Galavan said there are barriers that stop people from talking about suicide.
“Stigma still surrounds it. The fact that it was illegal, where the term “committed suicide” was prevalent, when that is not the case now. It was also seen to be immoral where people could not be buried in consecrated grounds if they had died by suicide. Shame is still one of the major barriers that prevents openness,” said Dr Galavan.
Difficult to talk about
Talking about the issue is difficult for many, he said.
‘I have been contemplating suicide’ – it is a difficult thing for people to say. But I am sometimes relieved when I hear someone tell me that, as it means that they have taken that first step to move down the path to prevent it.
There is more we can do, he said, adding that understanding that suicide shouldn’t be a frightening topic of conversation.
He said that many people encourage and believe that we should be talking about suicide more and be open about it, However, when it comes to someone speaking directly to us about it, people feel anxious.
“Many people think talking with understanding about suicide is great, but when someone talks to me I wouldn’t know what to say. And this is understandable,” said Dr Galavan, who said that most people are anxious or fearful that they will say the wrong thing or make matters worse.
Not a solution
While Dr Galavan stated that the way in which we communicate and report about the subject can have causal effects such as suicide clusters, so it understandable the people can be fearful, he said, however, adding that not talking about it is not a solution either.
“There has been a lot of work over the last two decades on the psychology behind the motives of suicide,” said Dr Galavan, who said that while this is very important knowledge to have for suicidologists and mental health professionals, now it is about getting the understanding out there to the general public.

Tonight’s talk is being organised by The Irish Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (IACP). The talk is free for the public and practitioners alike, but as capacity is limited, the IACP is recommending people to make an advance booking via www.iacp.ie.

Note: IACP website says talk is fully booked but call them if interested as there may be places available last minute... Tel. 01 230 3536

If you, or someone you know, needs support, someone to talk to or is in crisis; please click here for details of where you can get help or read on (from The National Office for Suicide Prevention website)

Are you, or someone you know, in crisis now and need someone to talk to?

Ask for help. If you were feeling physically sick you would see a doctor, so don't be embarrassed about getting help for your mental health. Everyone needs help from time to time and there is nothing wrong with asking for it. In fact, asking for help is a sign of personal strength.

Call the Samaritans, the 24 hour listening service, to talk to someone now about what's on your mind. Call 1850 60 90 90

Contact your local doctor, listed under ‘General Practitioners’ in the Golden Pages, or find your nearest GP on the HSE.ie Map Centre

If it's late in the evening or nighttime, contact a GP Out of Hours Service which you will find listed here on HSE.ie

Go to, or contact, the Emergency Department of your nearest general hospital, which you can also find on the HSE.ie Map Centre

Contact emergency services by calling 999 or 112

Information on where to go for help in a crisis is now available through your mobile phone. Text the word HeadsUp to 50424. The HeadsUp text service is run by RehabCare and sponsored by Meteor.
HSE Mental Health Services Nationwide

The HSE provides a wide range of mental health services around the country, in the community and in hospitals. On the main HSE.ie website Mental Health Section, you can read more about Mental Health services - like details of the types and range of services provided, the health professionals who provide them, and other topics like counselling and suicide prevention. You can also find contact details for Mental Heath Services nationwide.

This is not a comprehensive list of voluntary support services. Local HSE Health Offices will be able to provide a more detailed guide to support services available in each region

ONLINE information and support

There are a wide range of voluntary organisations working in the area of Mental Health, and most of these services are now using the internet to reach out to people. See the full list on organisations online here.

This article and website is provided for general information purposes only.  We urge any person seeking support to make contact with a trained professional working within the mental health field and/ or a member of the relevant bodies, organisations and groups specialising in mental health support and intervention.  A guide to seeking supports is available on www.mentalhelp.ie

Gateway does not endorse or provide advice on specific treatments, models of care or any agency or group involved in this work.  We simply do our best to share a variety of mental health and community related information and news as soon as we hear about it.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Workshops on Loss and Bereavement in 2015

Hi all,

Here is a very good brochure from the Irish Hospice Foundation. They offer a wide variety of services and support workshops from 'Dementia and Loss', 'Children and Loss', to 'How the Creative Arts can be Helpful in Bereavement'. If this is relevant to you, have a look through it or you may know someone it may help.

Best Wishes

The Gateway Team 

2015 Workshop Brochure

Friday, 21 November 2014

EU family carer survey requests your participation online


Are you a family member caring for a relative with a mental health problem and living in Europe? If you are, we would kindly ask that you would participate in our very important major survey on family carers. Just log onto www.eufami.org, download the questionnaire in the language of your choice (it is available in - Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese and Spanish), complete it and email it to EUFAMI at project.admin.office@eufami.org before the end of November.

The translated questionnaire in Greek will be available from our website from the 12th November. We will inform you of this link when it is uploaded.

The survey is completely anonymous. We are looking for carers especially in the following countries 

– Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, 

Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.

If you are not a carer, please pass this on to colleagues or friends who may be carers and encourage 

them to participate. The findings of this survey will be of major benefit to all organisations and 

individuals who have an interest in the well being of the families of persons affected by mental 


Better still, if you can, please email this message to your network of colleagues and friends.

The survey will remain open until the end of November and results are expected to be released in the 

first quarter of 2015. To date, over 900 people have responded.

Thank you for your time and interest.

EUFAMI – Looking after the interest of families and carers in Europe for over 20 years 

EUFAMI, Diestsevest 100, Leuven, B3000, Belgium – www.eufami.org

Speak out! Mental Health meeting to speak and influence people next Monday 25th 6pm

Speak out! Mental health seminar and community opportunity to speak with and influence people and organisations who make decisions that affect your life

Carmelite Centre, 26 Aungier Street, Dublin 2
Monday 25th November
includes refreshments too!

New Mental Health Trialogue starting next Monday in Ballymun!

North Dublin's first Trialogue meeting will be held at 7pm on the 24th of November in the Axis Ballymun conference room 3. The group will discuss the theme of stigma in mental health and it's consequences along with other topics. If you struggle with emotional or mental health issues are a family member of someone experiencing distress or a mental health or youth worker please consider coming along.

Regular Trialogues take place southside too on a monthly basis in Tallaght - contact Bernie Bushe bernadette.bushe@gmail.com to notified of upcoming meetings

Trialogue groups can help communities to change the perception that only those who work in the field of mental health are the experts in mental health. Mental health is everyone’s business, regardless of their background and experience.

A ‘Trialogue’ group is a neutral space where communities can gather to develop their understanding of mental health issues, the challenges of maintaining mental health and to transform thinking on developing better services and healthy communities.

Trialogue meetings are welcoming and inclusive of all community members, including mental health service users, carers, families friends, professionals and anyone with an interest in positive mental health in the community.

We hope that you take the opportunity to become involved in your local meeting near you. Check out where Trialogue meetings are happening around Ireland by clicking on Trialogue groups.

Videos on youtube to learn more about Trialogues below: 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

November 2014 Newsletter... it's alive inside!

November at Gateway - fab month ahead!

Hello folks,

A new month, a new list of great activities and events in Gateway's centre of positivity. We've started the month with a healthy dose of relaxation and meditation to recharge the batteries. When you're raring to go you can get stuck into Arts and Crafts on Thursdays; Members' mid week meet ups @ Cafe Moda, Rathmines on Wednesdays; before finishing the month with a dose of wellbeing through the WRAP Cafe, some Indian Head Massage on Monday 24th and the Gateway pool competition on Thursday 27th at 1pm - the winner gets the boost of some rousing applause, a fancy certificate for extra special pool playing talents along with a nice cuppa and a biscuit!

Hope you enjoy the fun activities and give the little things that support good mental health a go throughout the month :)

Best wishes

Gateway Project

The #littlethings is a new national HSE campaign to raise awareness how we can help ourselves feel better and get through tough times. Here are a few wellbeing ideas from the campaign that have been shown to help:

  • Keeping active
  • Talking about your problems
  • Doing things with others
  • Eating healthily
  • Staying in touch
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Looking out for others
  • Sleeping well 
Are you on twitter? 
What are the #littlethings that you do to help you feel better when you are experiencing a tough time? Share your little things on twitter to: @littlethingshub  - See more at: www.yourmentalhealth.ie

Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween - check out events across the city, keep safe and mind yourself with some stress less tips below

Halloween Events from Dublin City Council Below

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Dublin City Council is encouraging the public to celebrate Halloween safely.

Halloween is a fantastic opportunity for families and communities to come together and celebrate. The huge majority of people celebrate Halloween responsibly and have great fun. In recent years the number of incidents that the emergency services have responded to on Halloween night has also declined as more and more people enjoy Halloween at community events like the ones Dublin City Council supports.
Unfortunately it’s still one of the busiest nights of the year for Dublin Fire Brigade and the Emergency Services.  Remember, all bonfires are illegal and cause destruction and damage in communities. Fireworks are also potentially very dangerous and are only legal when part of a licensed fireworks display.
Have a scary Halloween, not a nasty one!

Report stockpiled bonfire material

To report stockpiled material easily and in confidence click here

Celebrate Halloween safely in your community

This Halloween, Dublin City Council is organising and supporting family friendly events all over the city. These events offer a safe environment to celebrate Halloween. Check out events in your area here

Be aware of the dangers of bonfires and illegal fireworks

Want to get a real scare? Watch Dublin Fire Brigades film on the dangers of bonfires and illegal fireworks 
Events in Your Area
Here are the ‘fantastic and ‘spooktacular’ events Dublin City Council is supporting in the community
Ballymun Otherworld Festival
Frightened? You will be! Ballymun Otherworld Festival  starts 5.30pm on 31st October. Festival village in Ballymun Plaza and fireworks display at 8.45pm over the Plunkett Tower, the last remaining tower block in Ballymun. More on www.otherworldfestival.com
Finglas Fright Night
Holy Moly! Gather for Fright Night Finglas at The Civic Centre, Mellowes Road, Halloween Night, 6-9pm with Halloween parade, family entertainment and fireworks display and much more that will scare your socks off! More on www.finglasfrightnight.com
There will also be an Art Workshop in the Finglas Library on Tuesday 28th October  2-3pm and a Magic Show on Thursday 30th October 2-3pm also in the Library.
Dublin City Council with WALK and the Drimnagh Castle Restoration Project present a family Halloween event at Drimnagh Castle on 30th October. It will include a tour of the ‘haunted’ castle, ghost story telling, zombie dancing, giants and lots more. Tickets cost €5 per person or €15 for a family of 4 and online at www.hauntedcastle.eventbrite.ie.
This is a major event with 600 tickets available and follows last year’s very successful launch of the initiative.
A Halloween fancy dress disco will take place in St. John Bosco Youth Centre, Davitt Road on Halloween night.
For more contact the Crumlin Area Office at Tel: 222 5500
Inchicore / Bluebell / Kilmainham .
The South Central Area Office is supporting the local community in providing positive activities during the Halloween/Mid-Term school break. All activities are free of charge.
In conjunction with the C.I.E. Residents group, Dublin City Council will support a range of activities during the Halloween week.  These activities will take place in the Inchicore Sports & Social Club, West Terrace, Inchicore and include the following: -
Samba Drum Workshop on 27th 2 to 4pm
Parachuting and bean bag race on 29th of October from 10 – 1pm.
On 31st a Halloween Party will be held 4-8.pm
Bluebell Community Centre are also active during this week:
  • Tuesday the 26th of October Athletics Workshop for children from 5-14 age group from 10.00am- 4.00pm.
  • On Wednesday the 29th of October Leinster Rugby are hosting a Rugby coaching day for the children of the same age group from 11.00am to 1.00pm and 2.30 - 4.30pm.
  • On Thursday the 30th there will be Swimming events and children’s Bingo in the afternoon from 2.00 to 4.00pm.
  • On Friday the 31st there will be a day trip to the Tayto Park from 10.00am – 4.00pm as well as a Halloween Party and Fancy Dress starting at 4.00pm.
  • On the 31st of October St Michael’s Estate will have day long activities from 10.00am – 6.00pm for all school going children, finishing with a Halloween Party and fancy dress.
The Liberties – Get Your Spook on
Dublin City Council is supporting a number of events in the Liberties area before and on Halloween.
Get Your Spook On - the big event will take place in St Catherine’s Church on Thomas St on 31st October.  There will be music, food, a magician, the Mr. Podso Show, (friendly vampire), giant jenga & connect 4, face painting, balloon making, stilt walkers, piñatas and traditional Halloween games. The event kicks off at 3.00pm and runs until approximately 6.30pm. This event is a Dublin City Council joint initiative with the local after schools groups, FRC’s and youth projects/groups.
Other projects in the area during the lead up to Halloween and on the day itself include.-
Pumpkin carving in Basin Lane community Rooms from 11.00am to 1.00pm on the 31st.
Halloween festivities in Rialto with the Ferrini youth Club on Halloween night from 7 to 10pm.
Haunted Dome in Flanagans Field on the 31st October between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.
St Catherine’s Church – The Liberties
400 children are expected to take part in the Halloween activities taking place at St. Catherine’s Church on Friday, 31st October.  With Pumpkin Pinata, Magic Show, Best Costume Competition, Halloween crafts and much much more.
  • 2.00pm SICCDA after schools will parade down to venue with Dragon and present at the plaza for Photos, Stilt Walkers and monsters from SWICN will accompany them and stand at entrance to highlight the event.
  • 3 .00pm –3.30pm  Mr Podzo opens the event
  • 3.30pm  - 4.00pm Performers
  • 4.00pm – 5.00pm Murf the Magician
  • 5.00pm – 6.00pm Games, Pinantas ,costume judging, prizes
  • 6.00pm – 6.30pm Finale, Confetti  Cannons etc.
Traditional Halloween Games, Crafts, Makeovers, Giant Games, Fencing,  Sumo,DJ, etc  all ongoing in respective areas and tables throughout the day.

Kids under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
Ballyfermot and Cherry Orchard Haunted House and Fireworks
Halloween is a busy time with an interactive Haunted House in the Cherry Orchard Equine Centre on October 31st between 1pm & 3pm.
A Fancy Dress Disco will be held in the Orchard Community Centre on October 31st from 4 to 5.30pm.
The annual fireworks display in the park opposite St. Ultan’s School at 6pm sharp on October 31st.
An Evening of Ghost Stories from Ballyfermot and Chapelizod with readings from local actor David Spain will be held in the Ballyfermot Library on Thursday 30th October. Doors open at 5.15pm, event begins at 5.30pm sharp and is organised by the C&S Development Team. Musical Entertainment will be provided by the Kylemore School of Music in Ballyfermot and to finish it off very nicely traditional colcannon will be served along with refreshments.
Monster's Ball (Tea Dance) for local Active age Groups will take place on Wednesday the 29th October in Parnell's GAA Club from 2:30pm-5pm. Tickets €8. Prizes for best Scary Fancy Dress Costumes.

This event is  run in conjunction with the Donaghmede Estate Residents Association).  Their Fire Works display will take place at 6.30 p.m. at Donaghmede Park.
Kilbarrack promises a real firecracker
Run by Dublin City Council with Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme (KCCP). Events will culminate in a Fire Works display at the open space on Roseglen Road at 7pm. Last year it was estimated that some 1,500 people attended the event.
This is run in conjunction with the Safety Association for Edenmore (SAFE) and is part of a major programme of activities which takes place  in St. Monica’s youth club. There will be a parade to Edenmore park where the Fire Works display takes place at 8pm. 

Dublin Free Event Guide published this evening so check in with Joerg for other events happening across the city :)

and remember to take some time out for your mental health - try some of these stress less tips:

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