Wednesday, 27 May 2015

First Fortnight Table Quiz!

First Fortnight will be hosting their 3rd annual fundraising table quiz on Thursday the 4th of June, at 7pm, in dTwo on Harcourt Street.

This event will be hosted by comedian Eleanor Tiernan and will be a fun event with great prizes up for grabs, finger food, a raffle and random spot prizes!

Tickets are priced at €40 for a table of four, and can be pre-booked by clicking HERE.

First Fortnight is a charity based, volunteer run organisation that strives to challenge mental health prejudice and stigma through the creative arts. Click HERE to visit their webpage and find out more.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Voting Tips!

Hi Everyone,

A very interesting article on  written by Aidan Coughlan about handy tips to use when voting.

For instance, did you know that If you are wearing a badge with either 'Vote YES' or 'Vote NO' when you attend the polling station to vote, that you may actually be asked to remove it before you can vote?? As strange as that sounds, there is actually a law against anything being displayed within a polling station that encourages people to vote for one side or the other - so leave the badges at home!

There is also some very useful information about what kind of identification and proof of address that might be needed when voting.

Its a great little read, click HERE to read the full article.

WRAP workshop starting 26th May

Hi everyone,

For those of you who were unable to secure a place on Gateway's WRAP course you may be interested to know that there is a 4 Day WRAP Workshop starting on Tuesday 26th May, being run by the Respond Housing Association.

Please see the flyer below for further details.

Ard Mor WRAP Level 1 Flier

Monday, 18 May 2015

First Conference Announcement: Critical Perspectives on and Beyond the Therapy Industry, Cork Ireland 11 and 12 November



11 AND 12 NOVEMBER 2015


‘Talking’ therapies have become increasingly central in dealing with all aspects of human life. This trend is now generally referred to as the ‘therapy industry’ (Moloney, 2013). This conference, now in its 7th year, aims to explore and debate critical perspectives on:

-       The value of talking therapies
-       The politics of the therapy industry
-       Talking therapies as another expert system
-       Other ways (beyond therapies) to support people in distress

Confirmed Keynote Speakers  
Wilma Boevink is an experiential expert, who works as a social scientist at the Trimbos-Institute, the Netherlands. She is a former Professor of Recovery and founder of Tree (towards Recovery, Empowerment and Experiential Expertise). Currently finishing her thesis on recovery, empowerment and experiential expertise.

Lucy Johnstone is a consultant clinical psychologist, author of 'Users and abusers of psychiatry',
co-editor of 'Formulation in psychology and psychotherapy: making sense of people's problems' and ‘A straight-talking guide to psychiatric diagnosis’, along with a number of other critical texts on mental health theory and practice. She is currently based in a mental health service in South Wales.

Jacqui Dillon is a respected speaker, writer and activist, who has lectured and published worldwide on trauma, psychosis, dissociation and recovery. Jacqui is the national Chair of the Hearing Voices Network in England, Honorary Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the University of East London, Honorary Research Fellow in the School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health, Durham University and Visiting Research Fellow at The Centre for Community Mental Health, Birmingham City University.
Malcolm Garland is a consultant psychiatrist in Dublin.  His team tries to incorporate novel and alternative approaches, including a minimal medication approach and an ethos fostering individuation, not dependence. He is concerned with the slow uptake of a non-“bio” approach by psychiatry, but understands the pressure teams are under to keep people “safe” and the conflicts this creates. He thinks psychiatrists may soon be on the “endangered species” list…

Rory Doody is a Recovery Development Advocate. He is a voice hearer and engages with his own mental health as often as he breathes! Plagued by inner questions like “who does this serve?” he enquires in the different areas of his work, involving education, case work, service and policy developments, structural change, and good intentions. As a ‘poacher turned game keeper’ with 20+ years of service user history, this question also serves as a check against his own personal motives.

Dina (Konstantina) Poursanidou is a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, based at the Service User Research Enterprise; Dina has used mental health services since 2008; Member of Asylum, the magazine for democratic psychiatry; integrates an interest in the socio-cultural determinants of distress and socio-political action on the one hand, with an interest in the human subject at a more intimate and individual level on the other.

Call for Oral Presentations/Workshops (45 minutes’ duration): Please submit an abstract (in Word - 250 words max) related to the conference theme and outlining its aims and intentions by 7 September 2015. Please also submit a brief bio (in Word - 150 words max).

Email abstract and bio to Inquiries to or 

Registration details will be circulated in early September 2015.
The Conference organisers are Harry Gijbels, Catherine McAuley School of Nursing and Midwifery, and Lydia Sapouna, School of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork, Ireland.  

Friday, 15 May 2015

Partial Capacity Benefit scheme - feedback requested by Dept of Social Protection

The Department of Social Protection has commenced a review of the Partial Capacity Benefit (PCB) Scheme with a view to enhancing the Scheme. 

An important part of the review is consultation with stakeholders including PCB recipients. 

They would welcome your views on the operation of the PCB scheme to date and, in particular, consideration / commenting on the following:
(i)  The qualification conditions.
(ii) The application process.
(v) Knowledge of the scheme.
(iii) Client satisfaction with the scheme
(iv) Barriers to applying for PCB: why clients don’t apply/pursue application?

They would like feedback by 29 May 2015.

Just email to pass along your comments or email directly.


Thursday, 14 May 2015

upcoming CE Project Worker position through Gateway goes live today 21st May!

Dear Members and Friends,

We have a Project Worker position becoming available through Gateway’s CE scheme which some of you might be interested in.

For more information click on Community Employment (CE) and Job & Person Spec for Gateway

If interested in applying, it is very important that you check in with your local INTREO office (local social welfare office) beforehand to see if you are eligible  – list of offices here:

It is also advisable to inform yourself about how a change to CE would affect your current and future social welfare payment if you were successful.  We advise phoning the head office of your social welfare payment section (see list below and here) to ask how the CE payment would affect your social welfare payment including any secondary benefits. 

How do I apply?

First Steps:
1.    Read the information about the job and community employment.
2.    Check  for the Project Worker for Gateway Mental Health Association. Advertised from today Thursday 21st May until 5th June.
3.    Make a note of the job reference code: Ref. ES-940009.
4.    Contact INTREO/ Employment Services Office about the job and tell them the job reference code you want to apply for.
5.   Arrange a meeting with the Employment Services Officer and ask to be put forward for referral to the CE Scheme Sponsor. (Again a list of these offices are here:
6. Candidates on the referral list will be contacted by Fionn in early June for shortlisting and to submit their CV and cover letter.

Follow On Steps:
  • Update your CV and write a letter of application for the position.  NOTE: This is not needed for INTREO but later on for shortlisting.
  • If on the referral list, you will be contacted and asked to provide your current CV and letter of application according the the job spec in June.
  • Shortlisting will be done on the basis of the letter of application and CV received by 12th June.
  • If shortlisted, an interview will be offered to you and will take place in mid June with Fionn and Siobhan the CE Supervisor and one other.
  • If successful, the new Project Worker will start on Monday 27th July.

Please be aware that the job will be open to applications from 21st May – Friday 5th June 2015 only. 

If anyone needs a hand with their CV, I would advise approaching your local employment service as they can be very helpful and supportive ( )

Best wishes and good luck to everybody interested,

Fionn Fitzpatrick
Gateway Development Worker

Department of Social Protection - Head Offices List
Services: Longford Social Welfare Services
Government Buildings, Ballinalee Road, Longford.
Opening Hours: 9.30am - 4.00pm
Tel: (043) 3340000 / (01) 704 3000
>Invalidity Pension
> Disablement Benefit
> Carer's Allowance
> Carer's Benefit
> Bereavement Grant
> Family Income Supplement - FIS
> Rent Allowance De-Control of Rents
> Disability Allowance
Aras Mhic Dhiarmada
Store Street, Dublin 1.
Tel: (01) 6797777
> Illness Benefit Enquires
Tel: (01) 7043000
> Office of the Minister
> Office of the Secretary General
> Budget and Finance
> Occupational Injuries Benefit
> Press Office
> EU/International Policy
> Policy and Planning Unit
> Facilities Management Unit
> Family Affairs Unit
> Personnel
> Medical Care
Social Welfare Services
Dept. of Social Protection
McCarter's Road, Ardarvan, Buncrana, Co. Donegal.
Lo-Call: 1890690690 (Republic of Ireland only)
If calling from outside Ireland, Please call (01) 4715898
> Maternity Benefit
> Adoptive Benefit
> Health and Safety Benefit
> PRSI Records
> EU/International Records
> Homemakers
Social and Family Support Services (SFSS)
Department of Social Protection, Shannon Lodge, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim.
> Client Identity Services (01) 7043281
> Decisions Advisory Office (071) 9672500
Freedom of Information
> Employment Support Services (071) 9672500
> Maintenance Recovery Unit (071) 9672500
> Back to Work Allowance (071) 9672594
> Back to Education Allowance (071) 9672531
St Alphonsus Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth.
Tel: (042) 9392600
> Accounts Branch
Gandon House
Amiens Street, Dublin 1
Tel: (01) 7043000
> Office for Social Inclusion
Goldsmith House
Pearse Street, Dublin 2.
Tel: (01) 7043000
> Office of the Director General
> Buisness Information Security Unit
> Management Services Unit
> Risk Management Support Unit
Social Welfare Services
St. Oliver Plunkett Road, LetterKenny, Co. Donegal
> Child Benefit - Lo-Call: 1890400400
> Treatment Benefit: Dental/Optical/Hearing Aids Lo-Call: 1890400400
Oisin House
212-213 Pearse Street, Dublin 2
> Scope (insurability of Employment) (01) 6732585
> PRSI Refunds (01) 6732586
Social Welfare Services
College Road,
Telephone Lo-Call: 1890 500000 or (071) 9157100 (from Northern Ireland or overseas)
> State Pensions
> Blind Pension
> One-Parent Family Payment
> Window's or Windower's Pensions
> Widowed Parent Grant
> Guardians Payments
> Supplementary Welfare Allowance
> Free Travel
> Household Benefits
> Project Office
> Internal Audit
> Bereavement Grant
> Information Services Lo-Call: 1890 662244
OPFP or your Local Social Welfare Office ~ Contact your Local Comunity Welfare Officer
Where the deceased person was in receipt of a payment from SWS, Sligo or was a qualified adult or a qualified child.

Social Welfare Services
Goverment Offices, Cork Road, Waterford
Tel: Waterford (051) 356000/(01) 7043000
> Self Employment Section
> Special Collection
> Voluntary Contributions Section
> International Records

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Green Ribbon Speech by Oliver Duffy

Hi all,

The following is the speech delivered by Oliver Duffy at the Green Ribbon event that was held at the recent RPCP Thank You Party, which was well written and well delivered! Well done Oliver!

"What life throws at a person can sometimes be hard and very challenging. Our lives can change in ways we never imagined.

 When I consider the issue of Mental Health I often think that it's so important that each 
psychiatric service user knows that they are so much more of a person that what diagnosis has been 
handed down to them.

 Each and every person with Mental Health Issues still has their own personal gifts and talents, 
qualities and abilities. We all sometimes have to work hard to see beyond our own diagnosis to our 
talents and our own very special gifts.

 When I think of Stigma I consider that we must rise above Stigma and in a sense be bigger and 
braver than the issue of Stigma. We must remember our own abilities and talents, and rise above 

 That is why today I am launching the 'Green Ribbon' campaign, because it is so important to 
overcome Stigma in our society.

 My name is Oliver Duffy and I hope my Speech today will be a good launch to our 'Green Ribbon' 


Thank you Everyone."

Moving Body Classes and Elemental Dreaming Workshop

There is a series of dance and open movement practice workshops through Body Waves with Carol McInerney taking place throughout the summer in the community that may be of interest – details below.  Best wishes from Gateway .

Dear everybody,

Hope this finds you well as the weather slowly becomes warmer.

After an inspirational exploration of Open Floor movement practice over the last round of Thursday evening classes I will be continuing to delve in and move with the fundamentals through the next round of classes running from May 28th to June 25th.

 This series of 5 classes can be taken as a course, which is preferable to get a good sense of it and deepen in your practice, however drop ins are very welcome anytime. 

Booking info and prices on the flyer attached below.

And for those of you who would like to get away from it all, have a summer adventure and spend time moving and resting on beautiful wild land in west Cork, from July 10th-12th Helen Bohan and myself will be holding Elemental Dreaming - weekend residential. The flyer is also attached with more information.

Please get in touch if you have any questions on

Looking forward to meeting you along the way,

Love Carol

The Kidnapped Greyhound - Gateway Creative Writing Group

Hi all,

The following is a story written by the Gateway Creative Writing Group and was read out by Tutor Maria Jones at the recently hosted Farewell to RPCP Thank You Party. It's a great piece of work, and an excellent read. Well done to all involved!

‘Rocket Rickety – The Wonder Greyhound’

‘Operation Spot’ took its first infant canine steps back in mid-March when Martha informed the Gateway Creative Writing Group about the Rathmines Pembroke Community Partnership’s (RPCP) financial situation.
When Martha had left, one voice after the other offered their opinion and even asked if the Creative Writing Group could do anything to help the RPCP. After all, RPCP had been so helpful and professional in providing essential services to Gateway over the years.

“Did any of you see the job those lads did in London when they emptied out the contents of the Safety Deposit Boxes; they got millions!” uttered Gregoria in her gentle voice. The silent thoughts which followed were palpable.
“Sure we could do a Bank Job here and give the funds to RPCP” replied Tom.
Ideas on how to raise funds ‘flew out of the mouths of babes – sixty to the dozen!’
“There are some lovely Galleries in Dublin and some of their Art work goes into the millions,” replied Suzanne.
“Ah no Suzanne; paintings would be difficult to ‘fence’; a very much closed community those arty people!” voiced Kevin.
The group just turned and looked at the amiable Kevin and he using the word ‘fenced’!
“Weirs have some lovely pieces in their window in Grafton Street. I passed by the other day and had to stop and take a look. Oh my God, they shone out the window and dazzled my eyes. Can you imagine what they have in their stock room! It’s not worth thinking about – or is it!”  said Gregoria.
“Will you ever forget Shergar going missing back in the eighties?” said Patrick. “We could look out for another Shergar!”
“Ah not at all Patrick” replied Eilish. “Where would we store a horse for God’s sake?”
“A Greyhound is a beautiful animal. I see them from my back window flying around the tracks,” came Geraldine.
The same palpable silence again fell within the room. Thoughtful looks, glinting eyes and then the odd smile and grin that suggested, this sounds coacher!

It took minutes to start planning ‘the borrowing of a greyhound for financial gain for a good cause!’ voiced Carmel
“Folks, whichever way you look at this or word this, it’s kidnapping” said Maria.
“Not really Maria. People would understand our needs and distresses. 
“It’s ‘A Cause’ rather than a kidnapping!” sounded Linda.
“We should call it Operation Spot” suggested Clodagh “because, we won’t want people to know what we’re speaking about over our coffee in Café Moda if they overheard!”

“I recall passing a dog pound or rescue centre while out walking in the Dublin Mountains” Jonathan whispered. “The volunteers were walking in and taking the different dogs out for walks. I saw one or two greyhounds amongst the pack and asked the volunteers how such beautiful, graceful and priceless dogs could end up here!”
“I know that place Jonathan” said Elizabeth. “It’s called The Getaway & Rescue Centre. This centre also kennels dogs for owners who need to travel on business etc or those who are holidaying.”
“That’s exactly right Elizabeth. The walkers said that some foreign owners leave their greyhound in this centre due to its remote location and the great spaces around to exercise etc. The volunteers made me laugh when they said that some of these greyhounds had a bodyguard keeping an eye on them” Jonathan stated.

“Well there’s where we head up to” came Gordon in the gentlest of voice. “I know the area very well. We use to camp up there as children so I would be in on this for certain.”
“I could be the ‘Grab Man’ as I have experience working with greyhounds since a young age. My father kept them for years. You do know that some greyhounds can have behavioural issues and can be erratic and unfriendly to handle!” informed Patrick.
“That won’t be a problem though. I’ve seen Jonathan at work as a ‘Horse Whisperer’ when we were down in Glendalough. I’ve no doubt he could have a go at the ol’ greyhound. It can’t be that difficult!” upped Kevin
“Great,” said Jonathan. “That’s my roll so;, the official ‘Greyhound Whisperer!”
“But where we will we keep the greyhound?” asked Suzanne.
“That’s not a problem” Carmel replied, “because I know that Geraldine would let us use her apartment as the ‘Safe House’
“Yes, that’s right” said Eilish and “I’d pop around each evening when the track is closed and take him for a run. Geraldine even has a spare key to the side gate.”
“Everything is really falling into place” said Gordon. “Who’d have thought that a Creative Writing Class could be this interesting? Sure it’s great excitement!”

Wednesday, April 1st was a bitterly cold day as the ‘heist’ got underway.
With Maria, the official CDETB ‘Get Away Driver’ at the wheel, the ‘Grab Team’ set off at 8am.
Gordon sat up front with Maria, giving directions while Patrick sat anxiously in the backseat. “Jonathan said he’d spend the night camping near the centre and he’d go to the rear of the dog’s kennel early on so that he can begin his ‘Greyhound whispering” exercise,” confirmed Patrick.
Linda, Carmel and Elizabeth, the official ‘Decoys’ had set off even before Maria to establish their ‘Animal Rights’ protest.  They brought with them life size, cardboard cut outs of Lions and Tigers. Linda used these regularly on her different missions and we felt that they would be just as helpful here. Who’d notice the difference between a Lion, a Tiger and a Greyhound anyway!
Eilish, Suzanne & Tom called into Geraldine’s ‘Safe House’ and they began to prepare the canine accommodation. While John Laverty wasn’t in a position to take part in ‘The Cause’, he did say that he would offer prayers so that everything would work out for all the right people.

At 10.30am the ‘Get away car’ had arrived and Gordon went straight over to the bodyguard to being his distraction technique of asking the way to a local hostel. Patrick then strolled into the pound and took ‘Rocket Rickety’ from his kennel. He was very calm following Jonathan’s earlier intervention therapies. Rocket Rickety appeared to enjoy his drive back to Harolds Cross, sitting in the back, wearing the lovely Aran jacket which Suzanne had knit him knowing that the morning was very cold for the animal and there he was, trying to look out the window!

By 11.30am, Rocket Rickety was happily ensconced on Geraldine’s double bed and showing no signs of erratic behaviour. He slept there and that evening, when the flood lights went down, Eilish took her ‘butchers bones’ and led Rocket Rickety out for his run around the track and his exercise regime. Later that evening, when Rocket Rickety appeared to be a big lonely, Clodagh brought her bitch, ‘Madonna’ over to the Safe House, just for a little entertainment!!
This was the practice for the few days when the Gateways Creative Writing Group ‘guardianed’ Rocket Rickety!
Kevin, The Negotiator, kept busy emailing the Russian millionaire owner of Rocket Rickety and assuring him that he was being very well looked after, housed, fed and exercised.
Kevin set the ransom at €250,000 and on receipt of same, in cash, left in a wheelie bin on Parker Hill; Rocket Rickety would be released unharmed.

Sadly for the Creative Writing Group, Rocket Rickety was returned to Mr. Vladamir Poutin by the Gardai, who had traced Kevin’s email contact back to the Internet Café in Rathmines. Kevin brought the Gardai to the Safe House and by noon on the 6th April, the entire ‘team’ had been round up and were brought up in front of Chief Justice, Judge Rob Rinder in the Supreme Court.
After all, this was a Kidnapping!
As one by one, each member of the team explained their roll in the ‘crime’ and expressed their regret but reiterated their reasons for taking part in such an activity.
Chief Justice Rinder proceeded to take a handkerchief from his breast pocket to wipe the tears from his eyes. These were not tears of sadness at our story but tears of hysteria as Judge Rinder cried out with laughter.
The Russian owner of Rocket Rickety also wiped his eyes and the Creative Writing Group stood there in amazement.
Vladamir, as he wanted each member to call him, begged the Chief Justice for lenience and asked if he would drop all charges. Vladamir thought that the actions of the group were admirable and the safe way they guided and looked after Rocket Rickety made him think that maybe Rocket Rickety could have new ‘carers’ when Vladamir was out of town.
Vladamir decided to donate €10,000 to ‘The Cause’ and said, while it was probably too little too late, he did feel that the Creative Writing Group would make good use of the funds.

So, rather than being ‘sent down’, the Gateway Creative Writing Group ‘marched happily up’ Parker Hill to the Farewell Event on May 7th where they handed over the €10,000 to their new fund agency.
While ‘crime’ doesn’t pay, the thoughtful actions of the Creative Writing Group were a further demonstration of how grateful they felt to RPCP for their kind years of loyal service.

Adh maith agus buiochas a ghabhail leat go leir.
Good Luck and Thank you all.

Written by The Gateway Creative Writing Group 07/05/2015

Friday, 8 May 2015

The Big Thank You Party

Thanks to all the Gateway members, supporters and friends who were able to join us for the Big Thank You Party yesterday, a heartwarming afternoon and one we will remember fondly for years to come.  

Gateway Project's achievements promoting positive mental health and social inclusion over the last ten years have been good news for the community and wellbeing locally.  Of course none of this would have been possible without the ongoing support of our members, committed funders, partners, staff and Advisory Committee members, supportive organisations like Mental Health Ireland, Shine, Mental Health Reform, Disability Federation Ireland and other guiding lights who together believe in creating opportunities for a brighter future.  


We came together in gratitude yesterday for all the support we have received over the years, to remember old friends and new, and to give particular thanks and farewells to RPCP, its staff and Board, who have been some of our greatest supporters since foundation.

We wish them all much success and happiness in future endeavours and hope they keep in touch as we move on to a new chapter as an affiliate association under Mental Health Ireland.

The Board of RPCP is holding a small event to mark the end of the LCDP and the work of all the other programmes and services as outlined here. RPCP has enjoyed positive working relationships with a broad range of individuals and organisations in the community and this will be an opportunity for them to say goodbye and thanks. 

When? Next Wednesday 13th May in the Rathmines office on 11 Wynnefield Road at 2pm.

Tell me more about the event...

Richard Moloney, Gateway member, former project worker and MC extraordinaire brought us through our bittersweet farewells in good humoured style.  We took time to express Gateway’s gratitude and remembrance of lost friends; Laura Louise Condell, See Change Ambassador launched the Green Ribbon and gave insider tips to get us all talking more; we heard from Gateway member Oliver Duffy on his journey and overcoming stigma; listened to words of encouragement and support from Nollaig Hannaway (RPCP); words of commitment to Gateway’s future growth from Orla Barry (MHI). Gateway members gave a special thanks through flowers and handmade cards to RPCP staff who are sadly moving on and we were uplifted by an invigorating tale from the Gateway creative writing group in tribute.  Afterwards we spent time reminiscing and chatting among the friends and supporters who were able to join us.

Thank you to all our treasures; Gateway is here because of you!



Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The May Newsletter is here!

Gateway Schedule for May 2015

Hi everyone!

Please see our schedule for drop-in for the month of May below.

May 2015

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