Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Positions Available - Service User, Family and Carers Engagement.

Dear Gateway Members & Supporters,

Exciting news just in!  We’ve been informed that the HSE’s Mental Health Division is recruiting for 9 new posts for area lead positions in Service User, Family and Carers Engagement. These are important opportunities for peers and family members - we encourage you to take a look and let others know.

“The successful applicant will be a part of the mental health management team in one of the regional Community Health Organisations around the country and will be expected to lead, and provide guidance on, the development of partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders in a challenging and changing environment.” 

Please see the Application Form and Job Specification below, or click on the link for full details from ActiveLink’s website: http://www.activelink.ie/content/vacancies/health/26186

All the best,

John M.

Job Spec HSE Area Lead of Service User Family Carer

HSE Application Form Area Lead of Service Userfamilycarer

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