Thursday, 29 September 2016

Demand 24/7 mental health services in Budget 2017

Howdy all,

We’ve got an email here from Director of Mental Health Reform Dr. Shari McDaid that we’d like to send on to you.

It concerns Budget 2017, and we’re looking for people all over to Demand 24/7 mental health services from their local TDs.

Who knows – if we all make enough noise about it, there’s a chance we’ll be listened to!

Dr. McDaid’s email follows below – she explains it much better than me 

Cheers folks, All the best!

John M. and Gateway.

Dear Member,

Why are we still waiting for 24/7 community mental health services to be available in Ireland? Why are we still waiting when everybody knows that mental health emergencies do not only occur between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Contact your TD and demand 24/7 mental health services in Budget 2017.

People who are in severe mental distress should have quick and easy access to services as soon as they need them. Instead, many people are forced to go and wait, sometimes for hours, in busy hospital emergency departments. Can you imagine what that’s like?

The time for waiting is up.

In Budget 2017, Mental Health Reform is calling on the Government to deliver 24/7 mental health services in every community in Ireland. This isn’t just urgently needed, it is demanded by people who use mental health services and family members across the country.

You can demand change too, by contacting your local TD. 
Please take the time, if you can, to ask for an appointment to see your TD personally, or if not speak with them by phone. You can also email or write to them. Explain to them, in human terms, why delivering funds for a 24/7 service specifically is so important.

Click here for your local TD’s contact information.

You can read our full pre-budget submission here

Thank you,


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