Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Please support Mental Health Reform Thunderclap on social media!

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Dear MHR Members and Board Members,

Your help is needed to keep mental health on the agenda over the coming weeks, now that the General Election has been called for 26th February.

We need a minimum of 100 people/organisations to sign up to an Our state of mind Thunderclap that will send a united message to the new Government on 1st March, just as they are negotiating and finalising the Programme for Government. If each of MHR's Board Members and 55 member organisations and just one or two staff members from your organisation support the Thunderclap, we'll send out a strong message that mental health needs to be a priority.

What is a Thunderclap?
A Thunderclap is an automated message that you can sign up to from today, which will be blasted out on Twitter and Facebook at the same time, by everyone who supports it - at 9.30 am on Tuesday 1st March 2016.

What's the message?
If you agree to the Thunderclap, the following message will be shared automatically on your Twitter and/or Facebook account:
“I’m asking the new Govt to prioritise #mentalhealth. RT to show your support #ourstateofmind

How can I support the Thunderclap?
We're asking you to use your organisational and personal social media accounts, and to encourage staff to do likewise. Here's how:

1) Click on the Thunderclap link:

2) Click 'support on Facebook', 'support on Twitter' and/or 'support on Tumblr', depending on which social media accounts you have

3) Once you have agreed to share the message, you'll have the option to let others know about the Thunderclap. Please do this, to spread the word.

As ever, you can find out more about the Our state of mind campaign here: Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information to help you support the campaign, like extra leaflets, suggested tweets, etc.

Thank you for your support!


Lara Kelly,
Communications and Campaigns Officer.

Mental Health Reform,
Coleraine House,
Coleraine Street,
Dublin 7

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