Friday, 27 April 2012

Life Skills Programme

Proudly supported by Tesco Charity of the Year 2012 and 2013, Aware is delighted to be able to offer our new Life Skills programme Living Life to the Full from May 2012. This free programme , which takes some of the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and applies them in a group setting, was developed by Dr. Chris Williams, Professor of Psychological Medicine, University of Glasgow. Dr. Williams is a recognised expert and trainer in CBT. Living Life to the Full is aimed at providing information and practical life skills training for individuals who experience mild to moderate depression or anxiety.

The course will include:- 

Who is the programme aimed at?The programme is aimed at individuals who are experiencing mild to moderate depression and who can commit to attending one session per week for six weeks.

How many sessions are there?There are six sessions – one session per week for six consecutive weeks.

How long do sessions last?Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Will I have to discuss personal issues and problems?
All attendees will have opportunities to share with the group, but nobody will ever be obliged to share personal information or experiences.

Do I have to attend all sessions?Yes, you must commit to attending all 6 sessions.

How many people are in the group?
Each group will have a maximum of 25 people and there must be a minimum of 15 people for a group to go ahead.

Is this programme only for individuals of 18 years and over?
Yes, only individuals of 18 and over may take part in Aware's Life Skills programme.

Is this programme right for me?If the statements below apply to you, then you could benefit from this programme.
  • I am currently affected by mild to moderate depression or anxiety
  • I would like to make some changes in my life and am prepared to try new ways of dealing with life's challenges
  • I am not currently experiencing a major life event such as a recent bereavement, major relationship problem or a significant trauma
  • I can commit to attending all six sessions of the programme
  • I have basic reading skills
  • I feel quite comfortable in a group setting
  • I feel I can concentrate and give my attention for the duration of each session i.e. about 90 minutes
If all seven of these statements apply to you, then you are suitable for Aware's Life Skills programme.
Note: You will be invited to give feedback on the programme upon completion.

When will you be offering this programme?
The first sessions of Aware's Life Skills programme will commence in May 2012.

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