Tuesday, 13 February 2018

My Voice Matters National Consultation Survey

What is My Voice Matters?
My Voice Matters is a national consultation that will gather feedback through two surveys, one for people who use mental health services and one for their family members, friends and carers.  Part of the research will be carried out through a survey.  You should allow 10-15 minutes to complete the survey.  The surveys will look at three main issues:

1. What services are available
2. Experience of services provided
3. How services could be improved

This information will help Mental Health Reform identify gaps in mental health services and, in turn, campaign for improvements.

The survey is completely confidential and there will be no names or contact information collected in the survey.

Who can take part?
Anyone who is using or has used mental health services for their mental health difficulty in the last two years can complete the 'service user' survey.

Have you used Irish mental health services within the last 2 years?  Click the link below to take the survey:
Click here to take the Service User Survey

Do you support someone who has experience of mental health services? Click the link below to take the survey:
Click here to take Family, Friends and Carers Survey

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