Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Creative Writing Competition Winner !!

Here is Patrick C. winner of the Gateway Creative Writing Competition 2017 accepting his trophy . Patrick's story was voted number one by his fellow writing peers last Friday . Kevin O'B came runner in what was a stiff competition .  Congratulations to all the wonderful stories and writers involved and to the winners . Have a look at Patrick's winning story below :

Captain James L Riddick’s Journey to Zoltan the Forbidden Planet

It was the year 3025 the American space station Nassau was launching their latest space craft.  The commander of the American space station Nassau Commander Bruce Bernstein was launching the hi tech, fastest, best weapons to do battle in attack and defence.  They had been working secretly on this craft for 30 years.  The Commanders daughter Cornel Janice Hoffman and her husband secretary of defence Bill Hoffman were in charge of the craft and team of astronauts.  At this time Earth had been under pressure from Other Planets and Species trying to become dominant and destroying humanity and become rulers of the Galaxy.  The most feared Planet known as the forbidden Planet was Zoltan, because anybody who entered never returned so no one has ever came back to tell what it’s like.   As they the launch got underway they were told to avoid anywhere or distance of a thousand miles from the forbidden Planet.  The high powered craft got off like the speed of a ray light.  Everything was going right all of a sudden one of the engines started to stop they lost contact with the space station.  They were saying the only place they could have made an emergency landing was Zoltan and they did they landed on the Planet this was the last contact they had with the craft.
The Commander didn’t give up hope because he knew one man who could probably find the team of the craft and bring them back alive.  This was Captain Lames L Riddick who was retired three years he was seventy five, and had a commendable record of bravery and experience in Nassau history.  Captain Riddick was fishing on a small boat on a lake in Mississippi where he lived with his Golden Labrador dog Busker.  He never married because he couldn’t be sure if he would return from battle he was a kind hearted man. He had a gambling and alcohol problem and when he’s running out of his retirement money he would compete in street fighting which he never lost.  The captain had a partner who done his cooking and cleaning whom he had a deep affection, her name is Justina a retired dance teacher from Italy. 
A space craft came down and hovered on the lake they asked Riddick to get on board the commander explained to Riddick what happened would he help to bring back his daughter and their crew.  Captain Riddick told that he wold try and bring them back but would go alone.  Explaining once he seen and killed some species he said they have powers of super strength and can fire lasers from their eyes saying their called Marmites seven feet tall with fur and tails and they understand human language.  They don’t like anything to do humans I will go and try rescue the crew.  In a real hurry Riddick said goodbye to his dog and Justina.  He put his Nassau space suit on probably for the last time took off into space at full speed.
Riddick entered the forbidden Planet surprised he even got to land.  Amazed by the scenery was something like a jungle on Earth.  He thought the Planet about the size of the Amazon jungle with giant plants and trees looked like they eat plants and small creatures that look like cabbages and rabbits.  As he was walking through he came across two marmites talking in their language sounded really loud and fast.  They spotted him stared running towards him firing lasers.  Riddick had a steel gadget that was like a boomerang within seconds quietly killed them instantly.  He heard noises coming from a distance like a valley.  He seen all the crew tied against trees it looked like they were being sacrificed like ritual.  There was thousands of Marmites at the sacrifice.  Riddick planted bombs all over setting them to explode giving himself ten minutes.  Making his way towards the crew he used his gadgets to kill the marmites this was the only way he could.  It was like Riddick was invisible they couldn’t stop him, eventually he freed the crew.  Riddick they said is that you no time to talk replied Riddick we’ve about five minutes to get back to the craft.  They were chased by thousands of Marmites.  A lot of the crew didn’t make it far Riddick made sure the commanders daughter made it to the craft unfortunately her husband didn’t make it, as they took off the bombs exploded killing thousands of Marmites.  They reached Earth safely Riddick you did it how can we thank you.  I never believed to come back, the Marmites will want revenge there is more to come.  Call the president tell him, he could have an intergalactic battle on his hands.  I am happy it’s no longer feared as the forbidden Planed.

Patrick Clifford          

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