Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Gateway's Creative Writing Booklet Launch

A Book Launch I Attended

Over the past, four years Gateways writing class has been trying to improve their writing skill.

As the previous tutor who passed away, with a new tutor Maria Jones the role was hard to fill.

Coming to the creative writing class is comfortable, because you can take things in your own stride.

You might be blocked because of poor mental health, by taking out a pen you could conquer pride.

Maria gives great encouragement of peoples prose and poetry with no pressure gives you a lift.

Usually when we start writing in class or at home we come to realisation there lies a special gift.

A lot of preparation went in to developing and organising our Gateway creative writing book.

 It was mainly some participants of the class that done editing a lot of time and effort it took.

On the 10th of March 2017 held in Rathmines library Gateways book launch I attended feeling proud.

There was a great introduction, speeches and emotions with an attendance of a very large crowd.

Each participant of the class, there read their prose and poetry from the book confidently and clear.

With thank you to the coordinator and lots refreshments and chat created a great atmosphere.

Well done to everybody involved in getting this creative writing class book launch on its way.

A book launch I attended happened because of the positive mental health organisation, Gateway.

Patrick Clifford ©2017

Gateway Creative Writer

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