Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Gateway celebration of light, song and community Thursday 17th December 2015

Gateway will celebrate light, music and community together at the Christmas Party on Thursday 17th December 2015 with fun, food and friends throughout the afternoon from 1.00-5.00pm.  Thanks to Dublin City Council for sponsoring this event. 

The plan for the day has been decided by members and includes:
1.00pm sharp: The Gateway Express choral group will open the afternoon with beautiful song
1.30pm:  A celebration of light will bring Gateway together in community and solidarity
2.00pm:  Clodagh and Maryam will delight on bongo and guitar
Drop in will come alive with music, food and member delights...
4.00pm onwards Carols with Clodagh
5.00pm Close & Farewell until new year

Gateway's secret santa will be chatting and sharing gifts amongst  members...  If you would like to bring a small wrapped gift with you for the Gateway gift sack, please do (of a value of no more than €5 folks) ;)

Just a reminder that Gateway's drop in will close at 5pm after the event and open again at 1pm on Thursday 7th January.

There are 6 community member run meet ups taking place as follows.  A coffee or tea is provided and it is a lovely opportunity for a chat with others, all welcome ~ enjoy!

Monday 21st December at Cafe Moda 2-4pm

Thursday 24th December at Starbucks 2-4pm

Saturday 26th December at Starbucks 2-4pm

Monday 28th December at Cafe Moda 2-4pm

Thursday 31st December at Cafe Moda 2-4pm

Monday 4th January at Cafe Moda 2-4pm

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