Friday, 10 October 2014

Gateway WRAPPERs on the airwaves... WRAP for Radio on Newstalk FM this weekend - tune in Sat 7am and Sun 10am or catch up with the podcast after the show

Gateway WRAP group met with Victoria Enright earlier in the summer to discuss wrap and their experiences of recovery for a Newstalk series on WRAP in Ireland.  Details below: 
This year, to mark WHO World Mental Health Awareness Week, Producer Victoria Enright travels throughout Ireland to track the changing face of our society’s Mental Health culture. ‘WRAP Radio’ - Ireland’s Journey’, is a broadcast which seeks to challenge our mindsets and tune us into being a WRAP Nation; a society, where, when we hear the word mental, we don’t think crazy.
WRAP is the Wellness Recovery Action Programme, which was designed by creator, Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD, and is currently being quietly and successfully rolled out throughout Ireland. In ‘WRAP Radio’ - Ireland’s Journey’, Producer Victoria Enright takes an inside look at how WRAP translates into Irish people’s everyday lives. In essence, WRAP Radio, is a Wellness Toolbox. An Operation Transformation for the Mind - or a Head-Check if you will ... Most importantly, ‘WRAP Radio’ drives home the message of Hope to the very many persons whose hearts have broken open.
Made with the support of Genio, ( and The Copeland Center; (, ‘WRAP Radio’ - The Journey’ - is a Multi-Generational, National Conversation; travelling from Tipp to Clare, South to Limerick, West to Mayo, Midlands; Mullingar & Portlaoise and back to Gateway Dublin and the big two - SJOG, St John Of God's and SPUH, St Patrick’s University Hospital.
Individuals will explain just what the experience was like to create His or Her Wellness Toolbox - how was it for them - the Pre and Post WRAP of it all - the journey of ‘WRAP’ and because of it, in real and practical terms, the difference it has made in their lives.
  • Portlaoise Mother, Kate says; without ‘WRAP,’ she doesn’t know where her family would be. Her son no longer suffers in silence. As a mother, she recognises the signs pre triggers and changes her behaviour accordingly. She no longer panics because she knows how to access the supports and knows that they are not alone.
  • Orla is a Senior Occupational Therapist, for the Psychiatry for Later Life in Mullingar. She says WRAP works because it’s realistic. It’s all about taking personal responsibility.
  • 731 girls from the Loretto College in Mullingar are being urged to take the same message on board. Guidance Cllr, Miss Sinead Hyland says that ‘WRAP’ is no biggie. She says it’s simple. It’s a lifeskill. It works. She wants every school in Ireland to be running ‘WRAP’.
As a happy consequence of the making of ‘WRAP Radio’ -Ireland’s Journey’, Producer Victoria Enright has been trained up by Rona McBrierty, WRAP International Mentor for the Copeland Center to become a WRAP Facilitator herself. In addition, See Change have recently invited Victoria to become a new Ambassador, to aid in continuing the conversation of Mental Health in 21st Century Ireland.
‘WRAP Radio’ - Ireland’s Journey’ will be broadcast on Newstalk
106-108fm this weekend, Saturday 11th October at 7am, and Repeated at 10am on Sunday 12th October.
‘WRAP Radio’ - Ireland’s Journey, is part of the Autumn Season of Documentary on Newstalk.
‘WRAP Radio’ - Ireland’s Journey’, can also be listened to online at:
Podcast available at: after the broadcast.
Victoria Enright, MA is VE Productions.
She is an award winning, International Radio Producer with 15 years broadcasting
experience. Original creator and executive producer of ‘The Wide Angle’, Newstalk
106.8FM, Ireland and documentary maker in Newfoundland & Toronto, Canada;
Victoria has built a reputation for translating the global back to the grass-root. As a
campaigning Journalist & founding member of AIRPI - the Association of
Independent Radio Producers of Ireland; she has consistently given organisations
and individuals the opportunity to raise their public awareness and get their message
out. It is Victoria’s belief that in today’s highly competitive media world, good content
producers are what distinguish the best storytellers amongst us. She takes pride in
delivering ‘real stories with real people in real time’.

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