Thursday, 26 June 2014

Applications for Mental Health Services Reference Group

Are you someone who uses Mental Health Services?

**The closing date for applications has been extended to Friday the 4th of July**
*If you wish to apply online we have a Word document version above*

For service users/family members and carers who are involved or have an interest in Mental Health Services
This is about becoming a member of the Reference Group to the Office of Service User, Family Member and Carer Engagement in Mental Health Division.
Following consultation with a representative group of national non-governmental organisations working in mental health and local consumer panels in 2013, a number of issues and actions were identified to advance the implementation of A Vision for Change in a collaborative manner including:
  • establishing a Reference Group to examine a range of issues including the appointment of nine service user engagement personnel who will sit on the Area Mental Health Management Teams and examine the broader issues of engagement, capacity building etc. in more detail.
The Office of Service User Engagement in Mental Health Division are seeking applications from members of the public who have an interest in Mental Health Services to become a member of a Reference Group for a period of one year.  Its purpose is to examine a range of issues and more local service users.  To influence policy and to build capacity in the mental health service. 
In order to apply for this post the applicant must be:
  1. A Service User
  2. or a family member
  3. A service or carer of a service user. 
Applications must also have an active role or involvement within a mental health organisation e.g fund raising, participating in self help groups.
Please bring this notice to the attention of service user, family members and carers in your area.
You can find an application form here or you can contact Valerie Greville in the HSE: Email
There are also guidance notes available on filling out the form.
If you have any queries please contact

Deadline is Monday 30th June at 5pm so be quick!

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